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Residential Lawn Care Services for the Mat-Su Valley

Yard Cleanup, Lawn Mowing, Timming and Grass Fertilization for Wasilla and Palmer, Alaska

RC Home Solutions is your year-round solution for lawn care and cleanup, freeing you up to explore Alaska all year round. We'll keep your lawn manicured so you don’t have to worry about it. From weed whacking to grass cutting, and even adding fertilizer, our licensed, bonded and insured team will handle it all for you. We offer monthly property care plans suited to your specific needs.

Don’t forget to ask about our window cleaning and gutter cleaning services.

Lawn Mowing Services All Season Long

Maintaining fresh cut, health grass in can be a challenging task in Alaska, especially given how busy our summers are, not to mention how fast grass and weeds grow with the long alaskan sunlight.

Hiring a professional lawn mowing company, such as RC Home Solutions can help ensure that your lawn is well-maintained and able to thrive in the unique Alaskan climate. Not only will RC Home Solutions provide regular mowing and trimming services, but they can also offer lawn fertilization and trimming all season long. With a professional lawn mowing company on your side, you can enjoy a lush and beautiful lawn all season without having to lift a finger. Time to take up that hobby you always wanted to jump into!

Trimming and Weed Whacking Services for Wasilla and Palmer, Alaska

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn takes a lot of time and energy, especially when it comes to dealing with unruly creeping weeds.

While it may be tempting to try and tackle weeds on your own, just one outing of dealing with weed whacker string breaking and plant shrapnel going into your eyes will remind you how difficult even doing sub-par yard work really is. Hiring a professional company for season-long weed whacking and edging services can save you time and ensure that your lawn is always looking its best.

Weeds can quickly take over a lawn if not properly controlled, not only making it look unsightly but also competing with your desirable plants for vital resources like water and nutrients. RC Home Solutions has the knowledge and equipment to properly identify and control weeds, without causing damage to your lawn. They will also be able to spot potential issues and inform you early on so that we can address them before they become a much larger problem.

Hiring a professional company for season-long weed whacking services can also save you time and energy in the long run. Instead of spending your short weekends battling Alaska's giant weeds, you can spend your free time enjoying time with your family, whether it's fishing, camping or taking that day trip to Talkeetna to say "hello" to the furry mayor (who happens to be a cat).

Save time, the most precious resource of all with our RC Home Solutions Yard Maintenance.

Service Delivery

This is the moment when our reliable lawn care services team arrives at your door. We’ll bring all the state-of-the-art lawn care tools needed to tackle even the toughest of jobs. From stump removal to tree trimming, we have the tools!


Now’s the time when you can sit back on your deck and enjoy your lawn. Few things feel better than a well-maintained and manicured yard. We like to say that we don’t advertise much because our work does all the advertising for us.

Did you know?

There are over 100 snow shoveling deaths and 11,500 shoveling injuries that happen every year in the USA.

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Satisfied Customers Across Alaska

We provide affordable lawn care services in the Wasilla, Palmer, Big Lake, Butte, Chugach, Eagle River, and Meadow Lakes areas of Alaska.

The quality of your lawn sets the overall tone of your property. A well-maintained lawn can enhance the value of your property, and do so much more for your peace of mind. Let us take care of the dirty work and keep your lawn looking spectacular.

Have you noticed most yard maintenance companies in Alaska don't guarantee 100% customer satisfaction? We're different. We do!

We understand that affordable lawn care services are in great need in Alaska and that's exactly what we do at RC Home Solutions. That includes yard work, landscaping, regular grass cutting and fertilizing your grass. As your residential lawn care service provider, we guarantee your satisfaction. Just give us a call at 907-917-5572

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